Benoît Vermander
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Contact Information

Office:#2617, West Main Building, Guanghua Tower

Office hours: by appointment

Office phone: +86 (0)21-6564 2980








-Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (1980)

-M.A. in political science from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (1982)

-M.A, M.Phil in political science, Yale University (1983, 1984)

-PhD in political science from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (1984)

-Licentiate in theology from Jesuit Faculties of Philosophy and Theology of Paris (1992)

-Master in theology from FuJen University, Taipei (1996)

-Doctorate in theology from Jesuit Faculties of Philosophy and Theology of Paris (2009)



-Religious anthropology

-Comparative spirituality

-Latin language and Roman religion

-The Spiritual Dimension of Chinese Ancient Philosophy


Research Interests:

-Religious anthropology (Southwest China minorities, religions in contemporary metropolises, visual anthropology)

-Comparative spirituality and interreligious dialogue

-Ancient Roman and Chinese religions: comparative perspectives

-XVVeme century European political philosophy


Some Positions:


-1984-1986: Administrator at the European Parliament.

-1986-1988: Advisor of the President of the Regional Council of Midi-Pyrenees (Toulouse) for European Affairs.

-Lecturer at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Strasbourg (1984-1986) on political sociology; Lecturer at Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Toulouse on political sociology (1984-1988); Lecturer at Jesuit Faculties of Philosophy and Theology of Paris (1990-1992) in political theory, lecturer at FuJen Faculty of Theology, Taipei (1996-1997) on Theology of Aesthetics.

-1996-2009: Academic director of the Taipei Ricci Institute.

-2009 onwards: Professor in the department of religious studies at Fudan University, and academic director of the Xu-Ricci Dialogue Institute at Fudan Faculty of Philosophy, doctoral students’ advisor.




Books (a selection):

-Corporate Social Responsibility in China, World Scientific, Singapore, 2014. (Chinese translation published in 20014 by Jiaotong UP, Shanghai.)

-Dialogue as a Game (In Chinese) Beijing Commercial Press, 2012

-A Reader of Ancient Roman Religion (in Chinese, with Wu Yaling), Beijing Commercial Press, 2012.

-Les Jésuites et la Chine. Bruxelles, Lessius, 2012

-L'Empire sans milieu, essai sur la sortie de la religion en Chine, Paris, DDB, 2010

-- La Chine ou le temps retrouvé, les figures de la mondialisation et l'ascension chinoise, Louvain, Academia-Bruyant, 2008.

-- Shamanism and Christianity: Religious Encounter among Indigenous Peoples of East Asia (Olivier Lardinois & Benoît Vermander, eds.), Taipei, Ricci Institute, 2008.

-- L’enclos à moutons, Paris, les Indes savantes, 2007. Published in Chinese as From Yangjuan village to the Global Village; Chengdu, Sichuan Minorities Press, 2008.

-- Chine verte ou Chine brune, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, 2007.

-- Creeds, Rites and Videotapes: Narrating religious experience in East Asia (Elise DeVido & Benoit Vermander, eds.), Taipei, Taipei Ricci Institute, 2004.

-- Les mandariniers de la riviere Huai, Paris, Desclee de Brouwer, 2002.

-- Globalization and China (in Chinese), Beijing Commercial Press, 2002.


Academic Papers (a selection):

- “Jesuits and China” In Oxford Handbooks Online, New York: Oxford University Press

-“Dialogue, cultures et universalité”, Greogrianum, 96, 2 (2015)

-“Chinese wisdom, management practices and the humanities”, Journal of Management Development, 2011, Vol. 3

-Scholasticism, Dialogue and UniversalismUniversitasDecember 2010

-Religious Revival and Exit from Religion in Contemporary China”,China perspectives, January 2010.

-“A Growth Engine Reinventing Itself: Towards a Greener China?”, in Greening Economic Growth, Towards a Global Strategy for Europe, edited by Elvire Fabry and Damien Tresalet, Paris, Fondation pour l’Innovation Politique, 2008

-“Christianity in the Far East, in Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, 2d edition, Oxford, Elsevier (online edition).

-“Exile and Virtual Space: The New Frontiers in Interreligious Dialogue, The Way, Vol. 45 No 3, July 2006



Latin language and Roman religion;

The Spiritual Dimension of Ancient Chinese Philosophy;

Comparative Spirituality

Comparative Theology

Religious Anthropology;

Structural Rhetoric of Ancient Chinese Philosophy.