Hao Zhaokuan
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Hao Zhaokuan


Contact Information

Office: Guanghua West Building 2502

Office hours: Tuesday 8:00m-11:30m

Office phone: 65643020

Email: zkhao@fudan.edu.cn




Education: Ph.D in Logic, Peiking University, 2000

Teaching Positions: Fudan University, since 2000


Research Interests: Mathematical Logic, Philosophy of MathematicsGodel Study



Books: 2014 Set Theory, an investigation of infinity

2014Mathematical Logic: proof and its limit



.2008  Logic and Metatphysics, Shanghai Renmin Press, 2008.

.2014 Classics in Contemporary Philosophy, Loigc, Beijing Normal University Press


.2009  Thinking about Mathematics, by Stewart Shapiro, Fundan University Press, 2009 

.2009 Loigcal Journey, by Hao Wang, Zhejiang University Press

2003 A New Survey of the Needham Question, by Liu Dun, in Studies of Needham, Science Press


Academic Papers:

2014 On Analyticity Philosophical Studies

2014 Naturalism is Unnatural, Loigcal Studies

2014 Gödel’s Argument Against Phisicalism, Logical Studies

2008 Gödel’s Philosophy of Matheamtics,Study of the History of Thoughts, vol.5

2007 Logic and Logicism, Study of the History of Thoughts, vol.4

2006 The Definition of Number: Frege and Dedekind, Fudan Journal (Philosophy and Social Sciences,vol.5)

2005 The Concept of Mind and Metaphysics, Fudan Philosophical Review, vol.3
2001 Lambda-Calculus and the Perpendicular Lemma, Philosophical Trends, Special Issue in Logic

2000 On the Confluence of TRS, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, Special Issue in Logic

1994 The Concept of Truth in Mathematical Logic, Philosophical Trends, Special Issue in Logic

Courses Mathematical LogicAdvanced LogicPhilosophy of MathematicsSet TheoryForcing