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BAI, Tongdong

Contact Information

Office: Room 2516, Western Guanghua Tower

Office hours: by appointment only

Office phone: N/A

Email: baitongdong@



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1996-2004Department of philosophy, Boston University

Ph.D., Dissertation: “Philosophy and Physics: Action-at-a-distance and

Locality.”First reader: Dr. John Stachel

2001-2002Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology, MIT

Dibner Graduate Student Fellow.

1994-1996Peking (Beijing) University, China

M.A. in Philosophy of Science.Thesis: “On the EPR Paradox.”

1989-1994Peking (Beijing) University, China

B.S. in Nuclear Physics.

Research Interests: Traditional Chinese Political Philosophy; Political Philosophy; Philosophy of Science


Spring, 2016Global Professor of Law, NYU Law Abroad in Shanghai

Spring, 2014Global Professor of Law, NYU Law Abroad in Shanghai

2011-presentDongfang Chair Professor, School of Philosophy, Fudan University

2010 (April)-present Professor, School of Philosophy, Fudan University

2009-2010Associate Professor, Tenured, Philosophy Department, Xavier University

2003-2009Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, Philosophy department, Xavier University

May 2008Visiting Professor, School of Philosophy, Renmin University, Beijing

May 2004Visiting Professor, Philosophy Department and the Institute of Foreign

Philosophy, Peking University, Beijing

Selected Publications


-China: The Political Philosophy of the Middle Kingdom.Zed Books, 2012 (World Political Theories Series)

-A New Mission of an Old State: The Contemporary and Comparative Relevance of Classical Confucian Political Philosophy.Peking University Press, May, 2009.

-Tension of Reality: Einstein, Bohr, and Pauli in the EPR Debates.Peking University Press, May, 2009.


Academic Papers:

-“Will the Idea of the Unity between Heaven and Man Solve Environmental Problems?A Chinese Philosophical Reflection on Climate Change”, forthcoming.

-“Pre-Qin Chinese Thought as a Modern Political Philosophy”, Journal of Social Sciences, Oct., 2014, 111-121.

-“Nietzsche, Mencius, and Compassion as a Modern Virtue”, World Philosophy, Issue 1, 2014, 110-119.

-“The Analects and Forms of Governance”, in Dao Companion to the Analects, edited by Amy Olberding, Springer, 2014, 293-310.

-“Early Confucians’ Political Philosophy”, in Dao Companion to Classical Confucianism, edited by Vicent Shen, Springer, 2014, 335-362.

-“A Confucian Version of Hybrid Regime: How Does It Work, and Why Is It Superior?”, in The East Asian Challenge to Democracy—Meritocracy in Comparative Perspective, edited by Daniel A. Bell and Chenyang Li, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013, 55-87.

-“National Identity of Modern States and Modern International Relations-- A Confucian Theory and Its Superiority to the Nation-State and Liberal Models”, Intellectuals’ Forum (zhishi fenzi luncong), Vol. 11 (2013), 103-119.

-“Humanity (Ren) Overrides Sovereignty – On Mencius’s View of a Just War”, Journal of Social Sciences, Issue 1, 2013, 131-139.

-“An Old Mandate for a New State: On Jiang Qing’s Political Confucianism”, in A Confucian Constitutional Order, edited by Daniel Bell and Ruiping Fan, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012, 113-128.

-“The Political Philosophy of China”, in Routledge Companion to Political and Social Philosophy, edited by Fred D’Agostino and Jerry Gaus, New York: Routledge, 2012

-“Primatologists and Confucians”, Philosophical Researches, No. 1, 2012, 113-118.

-“Against Democratic Education”, Journal of Curriculum Studies, 43:5, 2011, 615-622.(Chinese version in Though and Culture, Vol. 11, Dec., 2012, 327-335)

-“Preliminary Remarks: Han Fei Zi—First Modern Political Philosopher?”, Journal of Chinese Philosophy, Vol. 38, No. 1/March 2011, 4-13.

-“What to Do in an Unjust State? -- On Confucius’s and Socrates’s Views on Political Duty”, Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy, Vol. 9, No. 4/December, 2010, 375-390.

-“Studies in Analytic Philosophy in China,” co-authored with Yi Jiang, Synthese, Vol. 175, No. 1/June, 2010, 3-12.

-“Introduction to Rawls’s Law of Peoples”, Book Chapter in Contemporary Political Philosophy (ed. by Qi Ying, Nanjing: Jiangsu Renmin Press, 2010), 293-318.

-“How to Rule without Taking Unnatural Actions (无为而治): A Comparative Study of the Political Philosophy of the Laozi”, Philosophy East & WestPhilosophy East & West, Vol. 59, No. 4/October, 2009, 481-502.

-“The Price of Serving Meat: On the Confucian and Mencian Views of Animal and Human Rights”, Asian Philosophy, Vol. 19, No. 1/March 2009, 85-99.

-“An Ontological Interpretation of You (something) () and Wu (Nothing) () in the Laozi”, Journal of Chinese Philosophy, June 2008, Vol. 35, Issue 2, 339-351.

-“A Mencian Version of Limited Democracy”, Res Publica, Vol. 14, No. 1/March, 2008, 19-34.

-“Back to Confucius: A Comment on the Debate on the Confucian Idea of Consanguineous Affection”, Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy, Vol. 7, No. 1, March, 2008, 27-33.

-“Philosophy of Science”, Book Chapter in Series on Western Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Philosophy (ed. by Jiyuan Yu and Zhiwei Zhang, Beijing: Renmin University Press, 2008), 143-170; a revised version in World Philosophy, No. 2, 2008, 73-87.


Pre-Qin Confucianism and Legalism, Traditional Chinese political philosophy (pre-Qin), Han Fei Zi, The Analects and the Mencius, Comparative Philosophy (Chinese and Western), Western Moral Philosophy, TheRepublic, Modern and Contemporary Political Philosophy (democracy and its critics), Philosophical Investigations, Early Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Theory of Knowledge, First-Order Logic




2013-PresentEditorial Advisory Board, Philosophy Today

2009-PresentEditorial Board, Fudan Political Philosophy Review

2009Guest Editor, Synthese (“Analytic Philosophy in China”)

2008-PresentReview Editor, Journal of Chinese Philosophy

2006-PresentEditorial Board and Book Review Editor, Dao: A Journal of

Comparative Philosophy

2004-PresentEditorial Board, Foreign Philosophy (Chinese)

2004-PresentEditorial Board, World Philosophy (Chinese)

Professional Organizations

-Academic Board, Berggruen Institute for Philosophy and Culture, 2014-present

-Adjunct Research Professor, Unirule Institute of Economics, 2013-2023

-Advisory Board, Center for East Asian and Comparative Philosophy, City University of Hong Kong, 2013-present

-Member, Council of Future of Universities, World Economic Forum, 2012-present

-Advisory Board, Values and Virtues Program (Templeton Foundation Grant), 2009-2011

-President, Association of Chinese Philosophers in America, 2011-2013